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Health and Safety

Campus Safety

The University does its best to make sure that your student is safe on campus. The Department of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) is a full-service police agency which serves the University of Michigan community, including the residence halls and the hospital.

The Department of Public Safety & Security includes the University of Michigan Police Department which includes:

  • field services units
  • K-9 teams
  • motorcycle and bicycle units
  • a tactical unit
  • a criminal investigations unit that includes cybercrime investigations
  • a parking enforcement unit
  • a loss prevention specialist unit.

DPSS also includes Housing Security & Safety Services which is responsible for security in the residence halls. Officers work within the halls and University-owned apartments. Each residence hall has an office assigned to that hall, who is on duty from 9:00 p.m.–7:00 a.m. every night. Housing security officers also patrol by vehicle, bike, and on foot during the day.

In addition to DPSS, the University and the City of Ann Arbor offer many services to help students stay safe at night. Free University buses run throughout campus until midnight or later, and there are free or low-cost nighttime cab services available to U-M students. Encourage your son or daughter to utilize these services on a regular basis. If no other option is available, the Department of Public Safety & Secuirty will provide emergency transportation from campus to a student’s residence.

The most common crime on campus is larceny. The Department of Public Safety & Security encourages students to deter theft by securing property at all times. Items such as laptops, iphones, tablets, other electronic devices, and bookbags are often targeted. For complete details about campus crime statistics, see the Campus Safety Handbook (PDF file; opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Students should contact DPSS in any emergency, to report crimes, and to report suspicious activity. DPSS is available 24 hours/day by calling 911 or 763-1131. Blue light phones around campus will connect directly to DPSS.

The Department of Public Safety & Secuirty has an extensive list of safety tips. Parents should encourage their students to be familiar with the campus safety tips. In addition, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with fire safety information, available online for students living in residence halls as well as students living off-campus.