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Online Registration Form (Please do NOT use the registration form on a mobile device!) NOTE: If you are having trouble logging in, please do not try more than 3 times or you may get locked out of the system. Call us at 734-764-6413 if you are unable to log in after three attempts. Payment must be made with visa, mastercard, or discover.)

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Registration Process

Parents & Family Weekend registration will take place September 21-30, 2016.  You will be assigned a specific date and time to register during this window. Most families will be assigned to a date and time on either Wednesday, September 21 or Thursday, September 22. Your assigned registration date/time is the earliest that you may register, and you may register any time after your assigned time up until the September 30th deadline, however tickets are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not register any time before your assigned date/time. 

Your assigned date and time will be printed on the Parents & Family Weekend invitation. This invitation will be mailed to your undergraduate student's permanent address* (as listed in Wolverine Access) in late August 2016. Do not throw this invitation away! You will need to refer to the Parents & Family Weekend Identification Number and the Parents & Family Weekend Registration Appointment Date/Time that are indicated on the invitation in order to register.

Your Registration Appointment Date/Time has been randomly assigned. The University of Michigan invites families of all undergraduate students to Parents & Family Weekend, and appointments have been randomly assigned to over 25,000 families. 

Prior to your registration appointment time, it is essential that you read all of the information on the “Events” webpage and the “Registration” webpage so you are familiar with all of the Parents & Family Weekend events and policies. Once you have completed your order, changes cannot be made. In order to register, you will need your 9-digit Parents & Family Weekend ID number which can be found on your printed invitation.

*If you do not live at your student's permanent address that is listed in Wolverine Access, you will need to email and ask to have an invitation sent to you. Please provide your student's name, UMID number (if possible) or birthdate, as well as your mailing address. Divorced parents are considered as two separate families and will require two separate Parents & Family Weekend ID numbers in order to register separately.


Before your Registration Appointment Date/Time:
1. Read the complete Parents & Family Weekend event descriptions

2. Make your decisions for which events to purchase tickets. It is essential that you make your decisions for which events to purchase tickets before you register. Once you complete your registration, changes cannot be made. Be sure to order tickets for your U-M student as well. Everyone attending a ticketed event must have a ticket, and we encourage you to attend events with your student.

3. Make sure that you have received a printed Parents & Family Weekend invitation that includes a Parents & Family ID number and an assigned Registration Appointment Date/Time. If you do not receive a printed invitation by Monday, September 19, 2016 please contact the Office of New Student Programs at (734) 764-6413.


On or After Your Assigned Registration Appointment Date/Time:
1. On or after your assigned Registration Appointment Date/Time, visit this registration page and have your printed Parents & Family Weekend invitation with you. Make sure you are accessing the registration site from a laptop or desktop computer. The registration site is not compatible with mobile devices.

2. Read through the complete registration information, and then click on the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM link located at the top of this page. This will take you to the online registration form. This link will not be operational until the registration window opens September 21-30, 2016.

3. Follow the instructions on the online form. You will need the 9-digit Parents & Family Weekend ID number, located in the pink box on your printed invitation. Order tickets for your U-M student as well. Everyone attending a ticketed event must have a ticket.

Please note: If you attempt to access the Parents & Family Weekend Online Registration Form prior to your assigned Registration Appointment Date/Time, you will be denied access to the form. You must wait until your assigned time to register for Parents & Family Weekend. If you have questions, email


Registration Deadline

Orders must be received by Friday, September 30 for consideration. Most Parents & Family Weekend event tickets sell out because we obtain a limited number of tickets. In order to be fair, registration appointments are assigned randomly and orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Registering for Parents & Family Weekend before the deadline does not guarantee that you will receive tickets.


After you register online, you will see a confirmation page of your order. If you do not see this confirmation page of your order, your order was NOT completed and tickets have NOT been reserved for you. The Office of New Student Programs is not responsible for orders that were not completed correctly. Please print the electronic confirmation page for your records.


Ticket Pick-up

For security and logistical reasons, tickets purchased through the Parents & Family Weekend registration form will not be sent through the mail. Tickets must be picked up at the Michigan Union on Friday, November 4 from 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

We strongly recommend that you check-in for Parents & Family Weekend on Friday so that you can participate in as many activities and events as possible. The majority of the free events take place on Friday. If you can’t come to the check-in, your student may check-in for you and can pick up your tickets by presenting his or her student ID. 

In the event of an emergency if you, or your student, are unable to pick up your tickets on Friday, you may pick up your tickets at the pre-game tailgate on Saturday, November 5 at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse three hours prior to kickoff.  Ninety minutes prior to kickoff any unclaimed football tickets will be taken to the Athletic Department’s Will Call Window, located at the Crisler Center. All other tickets will be forfeited. 

When ordering tickets, be sure to include your U-M student. We encourage you to attend events with your U-M student, and everyone attending ticketed events must have a ticket. Please be advised that if your student is performing at an event, you must have a ticket to attend that event and watch your student.


Non-Refundable Registration Fee

There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Parents & Family Weekend is a self-funded event. Your registration fee covers the cost of overhead expenses, including publications, postage, registration materials, staff, room and equipment rentals, technology fees, and the non-ticketed events and activities offered during the weekend. Event fees are kept to a minimum; the weekend is designed to cover its costs. You will receive a $10 discount on your registration fee if you order tickets to two or more different events on the Parents & Family Weekend online registration form. This discount does not apply to tickets purchased directly through other organizations and ticket vendors.



If you wish to cancel your entire Parents & Family Weekend registration, we must receive written confirmation of all cancellations by Monday, October 10, 2016. Please be advised that you may not cancel only part of your order (see No Order Changes below). Those families who cancel their entire order before Monday, October 10 will receive a refund for tickets purchased through the Parents & Family Weekend online registration form, less the $50 non-refundable registration fee, 2-3 weeks after the request is received. Refunds will not be issued after October 10 for ANY reason. Cancellation requests should be sent by email to Cancellation requests cannot be made by phone. Note: Cancellations for tickets purchased directly through ticket vendors or organizations and not purchased through the Parents & Family Weekend online registration form cannot be refunded by the Office of New Student Programs. Contact the individual organizations regarding their refund policy. 


No Order Changes

Once you have submitted your order, we are unable to accommodate changes. Please be sure to carefully read through the Events page of the website prior to registering for Parents & Family Weekend, so that you know for which events you wish to purchase tickets. Everyone attending a ticketed event must have a ticket, so be sure to purchase a ticket for your U-M student when you place your online order. 

At the Parents & Family Weekend check-in location, there will be a posting board for families wishing to buy or sell tickets. We encourage you to use this posting board if you wish to purchase or sell any of your Parents & Family Weekend tickets. We will not process any refunds for tickets unless you are cancelling your ENTIRE order (see "Cancellations" above). If you purchased tickets that you do not need, it is your responsibility to post these tickets on the ticket posting board at the Michigan Union Anderson Room on Friday, November 4.

In addition, if there are tickets remaining to any events, we will sell them at the Parents & Family Weekend check-in location. However, most events typically sell out, so please do not plan on being able to purchase tickets at the last minute.

We strongly encourage you to carefully review the Events page prior to your initial registration. In addition, when ordering your tickets initially, be sure to include your U-M student. We encourage you to attend events with your U-M student, and everyone attending ticketed events must have a ticket.

Football Ticket Information

If you are requesting football tickets, and only wish to attend Parents & Family Weekend if football tickets are available, do NOT make travel arrangements prior to receiving a Parents & Family Weekend email confirmation. The University will not be responsible for the costs of travel arrangements made prior to the receipt of your email confirmation.

Traditionally, the football tickets reserved for Parents & Family Weekend have sold out. For this reason, and because we believe our program presents families with a unique opportunity to explore the entire University, we strongly encourage you to purchase tickets for other Parents & Family Weekend ticketed events, so that you can participate fully in the Parents & Family Weekend experience. Football tickets ordered through the Parents & Family Weekend registration form are a part of the complete Parents & Family Weekend program. As a result, you will be charged the $50 registration fee which covers the additional costs of the program, including overhead expenses and the non-ticketed activities offered during the weekend.

We have a limited quantity of football tickets and can only offer four tickets per family. (Divorced families are considered as two separate families, see above.) There will be NO exceptions. Though it has over 100,000 seats, Michigan Stadium routinely sells out. This ticket shortage affects the entire University of Michigan community, not just parents.

If you need more than four tickets per family, or you only wish to attend the football game and do not wish to participate in other Parents & Family Weekend activities, you should contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (734) 764-0247 or online at regarding football ticket availability.

Football tickets purchased through the Parents & Family Weekend program are not in the stadium’s student section. As a result, if your son or daughter has student section season football tickets, you will not be seated with him or her during the football game. We realize that this is unfortunate, but it is a necessary consequence of the logistics of the Big House.

If you are planning to attend the football game, make sure to read through the list of prohibited items at Michigan Stadium prior to Parents & Family Weekend. Prohibited items include purses and bags of any size.


Additional Information

If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail at, or call (734) 764-6413 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EDT.