Orientation is required for all new students. Coordinated by the Office of New Student Programs (ONSP), orientation programs are offered for new first-year students, transfer students, international students, and parents and family members. 

Student Orientation

After your student has paid the required enrollment deposit, your student will receive an email when it is time to register for Orientation. Most incoming freshmen who are admitted for the Fall Term will attend the 2-day “Summer Orientation Program.” For complete details about the “Summer Orientation Program” as well as information about orientation for international students, transfer students, or freshmen not admitted to the Fall Term, visit www.onsp.umich.edu.


Parent & Family Orientation

An optional Parent and Family Orientation Program is available for parents and adult family members of freshmen admitted to the fall term. Parent and Family Orientation Programs are also offered for parents and adult family members of transfer students admitted to fall or winter terms.

The Freshman Parent & Family Orientation program for family members of fall term or summer term students is a 2-day program that provides parents and family members with the chance to learn more about the resources that the University of Michigan provides. Over 30 sessions of the Parent and Family Orientation Program are available during the summer, so you are sure to find one that works with your schedule. In addition, there is a condensed 1-day Final Fall Parent & Family Orientation program at the end of the summer for families that could not attend during the summer months.  

The Transfer Parent & Family Orientation program is a 1-day program that provides information about U-M resources and focuses on the unique transition needs of transfer students and their families.

For complete details about the Parent and Family Orientation Programs, visit the Parent Orientation page of the ONSP website.