College presents a new set of challenges for young adults, and sometimes they need help managing these challenges. The University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office is the place to start for students who may be struggling to cope with the pressures of college.

CAPS provides short-term counseling to help your student overcome personal and interpersonal difficulties that interfere with the pursuit of academic and career objectives. Whether the issues are self-esteem, academic difficulties, problems with relationships, depression, or substance abuse, CAPS can help. All services are free of charge for enrolled students.

As a parent or family member, if you have concerns about your student, CAPS can provide consultation. Call (734) 764-8312 and ask to speak to the "Counselor on Duty". 

Another mental health resource is MiTalk. MiTalk is a online resource, sponsored by CAPS, that includes online screenings for depression and anxiety, skill-building tools to help students manage stress and academic life, and digitally recorded workshops, lectures, and relaxation exercises that students can play on the website or download to an mp3 player.

Students may also find the Stressbusters mobile app helpful in managing their mental health. The app provides interactive features including daily messages (focused on emotional health and maintaining perspective), relevant short videos, information about wellness activities, and more. 

For students who are coming to campus with a previously diagnosed ongoing mental health disorder, Campus Mind Works is a website that provides information and resources to help students manage their illness and get the most out of their college experience. Campus Mind Works is intended to work in concert with MiTalk (see above).