How would you respond if your student told you, “After my EECS class, I went to the CCRB then headed over to the Diag to meet my GSI.” Understanding young adults is often challenging—especially once they go off to college and are surrounded with a new world and a whole new vocabulary! Here’s a translation guide to help you communicate with your U-M student.

A2 =  Nickname for Ann Arbor, pronounced "A squared"

AATA =  Ann Arbor Transit Authority (city buses), also known as "The Ride"

APA =  Academic Peer Advisor

Arb =  The Arboretum. A large, wooded area east of campus, accessible from Geddes Ave. or from Washington Hts. Popular spot for picnics, jogging, and romantic dates!

The Arcade =  Glass-roofed pedestrian walkway of small shops that runs from the intersection of State St. and N. University Ave. to Maynard St.

The [Engin] Arch =  The archway through West Hall at the southeast corner of the Diag. Opens onto South and East University streets.

ATO =  Athletic Ticket Office

B-School =  The Business School, also known as "Ross"

Big House =  One of many terms for the Michigan Football Stadium. Also known as “the house that Bo built” or simply “the Stadium”

CAEN =  Computer Aided Engineering Network. Handles all aspects of computing for the College of Engineering

CAPS =  Counseling and Psychological Services

CCI =  Center for Campus Involvement

CCRB =  Central Campus Recreation Building

CEW =  Center for the Education of Women

CIC =  Campus Information Centers, located in the Michigan Union and the Pierpont Commons

CSG =  Central Student Government, the student governing council

Cube =  The large, black metal sculpture in Regents Plaza near the Fleming Administration Building

Diag =  The large grassy area located in the center of Central Campus. A central meeting place, useful for relaxing in the sun, studying outside, playing Frisbee and watching the famous Diag squirrels. 

DOS = Dean of Students

DPSS = Department of Public Safety & Security

EECS = Electrical Engineering and Computer Science—a building and an academic concentration. Pronounced “eeks”

Fishbowl = Large glassed-in ITS computing site where Angell, Haven, and Mason Halls meet (located on the “Diag” side of Angell Hall)

the Grad = Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Grove =  The large grassy area located in the center of North Campus; useful for relaxing in the sun, studying outside, and playing sand volleyball. 

GSI = Graduate Student Instructor—a graduate student who teaches or assists in a classroom

the Hill = The area of residence halls on and near Observatory Street, east of the walking bridge

IM = Intramural, as in IM sports or IM building

ITS = Information Technology Services. Handles all aspects of computing on campus

LSA = Literature, Science, and the Arts. The name of the largest undergraduate college and of the orange-colored brick building on State Street

the League = The Michigan League on North University Avenue

the ‘M’ = There are many Ms on the U-M campus, but THE "M" is the bronze one inlaid at the center of the Diag

MESA = Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

MLB = Modern Languages Building

MLC = Michigan Learning Community

MRADS =  Michigan Research and Discovery Scholars

MUG = The restaurant and seating area on the ground floor of the Michigan Union

MUTO = Michigan Union Ticket Office

NCRB = North Campus Recreation Building

OAMI = Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives

OSCR = Office of Student Conflict Resolution

ONSP = The Office of New Student Programs

PAAO = LSA’s Peer Academic Advising Office

Pierpont = Pierpont Commons, one of several campus unions. Located on North Campus. 

RA = Resident Advisor; an upper-level student living in a residence hall as a peer counselor and floor supervisor

RC = Residential College

RHA = Residence Halls Association—the student voice in the residence halls

the Rock = Large frequently painted rock covered with graffiti on the corner of Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street

SAB = Student Activities Building

SAPAC = Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

UAC = University Activities Center. The student organization that sponsors entertainment and mini-courses on campus

UGLi = The Shapiro Undergraduate and Science Library, pronounced “ugly”

UHS = University Health Service

UMMA = University of Michigan Museum of Art, pronounced “ooma”

UMS = University Musical Society

Union = The Michigan Union, the oldest of the three student unions, located on State Street

uniqname = Your computing ID. Pronounced “u-neek-name”

UPROD = University Productions

Wolverine Access = The secure online website where students can register for classes, view grades, print unofficial transcripts, and view financial records