How would you respond if your student told you, “After my EECS class, I went to the CCRB then headed over to the Diag to meet my GSI.” Understanding young adults is often challenging—especially once they go off to college and are surrounded with a new world and a whole new vocabulary! Here’s a translation guide to help you communicate with your U-M student.

A2 = 
Nickname for Ann Arbor, pronounced "A squared"

Ann Arbor Transit Authority (city buses), also known as "The Ride"

APA = 
Academic Peer Advisor

Arb = 
The Arboretum. A large, wooded area east of campus, accessible from Geddes Ave. or from Washington Hts. Popular spot for picnics, jogging, and romantic dates!

The Arcade = 
Glass-roofed pedestrian walkway of small shops that runs from the intersection of State St. and N. University Ave. to Maynard St.

The [Engin] Arch = 
The archway through West Hall at the southeast corner of the Diag. Opens onto South and East University streets.

ATO = 
Athletic Ticket Office

B-School = 
The Business School, also known as "Ross"

Big House = 
One of many terms for the Michigan Football Stadium. Also known as “the house that Bo built” or simply “the Stadium”

Computer Aided Engineering Network. Handles all aspects of computing for the College of Engineering

Counseling and Psychological Services

CCI = 
Center for Campus Involvement

Central Campus Recreation Building

CEW = 
Center for the Education of Women

CIC = 
Campus Information Centers, located in the Michigan Union and the Pierpont Commons

CSG = 
Central Student Government, the student governing council

Cube = 
The large, black metal sculpture in Regents Plaza near the Fleming Administration Building

Diag = 
The large grassy area located in the center of Central Campus. A central meeting place, useful for relaxing in the sun, studying outside, playing Frisbee and watching the famous Diag squirrels. 

Dean of Students

Department of Public Safety & Security

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science—a building and an academic concentration. Pronounced “eeks”

Fishbowl =
Large glassed-in ITS computing site where Angell, Haven, and Mason Halls meet (located on the “Diag” side of Angell Hall)

the Grad =
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Grove = 
The large grassy area located in the center of North Campus; useful for relaxing in the sun, studying outside, and playing sand volleyball. 

Graduate Student Instructor—a graduate student who teaches or assists in a classroom

the Hill =
The area of residence halls on and near Observatory Street, east of the walking bridge

IM =
Intramural, as in IM sports or IM building

Information Technology Services. Handles all aspects of computing on campus

Literature, Science, and the Arts. The name of the largest undergraduate college and of the orange-colored brick building on State Street

the League =
The Michigan League on North University Avenue

the ‘M’ =
There are many Ms on the U-M campus, but THE "M" is the bronze one inlaid at the center of the Diag

Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

Modern Languages Building

Michigan Learning Community

Michigan Research and Discovery Scholars

The restaurant and seating area on the ground floor of the Michigan Union

Michigan Union Ticket Office

North Campus Recreation Building

Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives

Office of Student Conflict Resolution

The Office of New Student Programs

LSA’s Peer Academic Advising Office

Pierpont =
Pierpont Commons, one of several campus unions. Located on North Campus. 

RA =
Resident Advisor; an upper-level student living in a residence hall as a peer counselor and floor supervisor

RC =
Residential College

Residence Halls Association—the student voice in the residence halls

the Rock =
Large frequently painted rock covered with graffiti on the corner of Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street

Student Activities Building

Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

University Activities Center. The student organization that sponsors entertainment and mini-courses on campus

UGLi =
The Shapiro Undergraduate and Science Library, pronounced “ugly”

University Health Service

University of Michigan Museum of Art, pronounced “ooma”

University Musical Society

Union =
The Michigan Union, the oldest of the three student unions, located on State Street

uniqname =
Your computing ID. Pronounced “u-neek-name”

University Productions

Wolverine Access =
The secure online website where students can register for classes, view grades, print unofficial transcripts, and view financial records