Students should have two main types of insurance when they come to campus:

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Property Insurance

Health Insurance

Every student pays a mandatory Health Service fee as part of University of Michigan tuition. This fee covers most services available at the University Health Service.

Although the University Health Service can serve many of your student's routine health care needs, there may be an occasion where your student needs additional services (such as emergency treatment, prescriptions, ambulance transport, etc). For this reason, we strongly encourage students to have health insurance. We encourage domestic students who do not have health insurance to consider enrolling in the Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan, sponsored by the University of Michigan in collaboration with the Central Student Government. Students who do not have health insurance will be responsible for medical costs that are not covered by the health service fee. In addition, international students are required to purchase health insurance that meets university standards.

Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

U-M offers a comprehensive, low-priced voluntary health insurance plan through Blue Care Network of MI. This plan is available to all degree seeking U-M students. The domestic insurance plan provides in-network coverage throughout the U.S. for medication, clinic visits, mental health care, emergency room visits, hospitalization, ambulance service and more. Consider purchasing this voluntary plan if you do not have health insurance or if you do not have coverage in the Ann Arbor area. The 2023/24 plan year (8/24/23-8/23/24) purchase price is $2511. There is an annual deductible of $100 for in-network care and $100 for out-of-network care. For details, visit the University Health Service website.

Tuition Insurance

This insurance covers students on the Ann Arbor campus who need to completely withdraw from a semester due to a physical or psychological illness or injury. The insurance will refund 75% of the insured term’s costs (less any refund or credit due from the university) for tuition and mandatory fees. The cost for this insurance is less than 1% of a student’s annual tuition cost. For details, visit the Dewar Insurance website and the University Health Service website.

Travel Abroad Health Insurance through Geo Blue

Students, from all U-M campuses who travel abroad for University-related purposes must register their travel in the U-M Travel Registry and purchase the U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance through GeoBlue. There is also available coverage for students traveling abroad for personal/leisure reasons. 

The insurance provides up to $500,000 in medical and behavioral health coverage for those who experience a health problem or accident while traveling outside the US. There are no member deductibles, copays, or coinsurances with this insurance. The cost for personal or study abroad travel insurance is only $1.62 per day. See Travel Abroad Health Insurance for more information.

MI Medicaid Insurance Assistance

Uninsured U-M students who think they may be eligible for Michigan Medicaid can go to the Healthy Plan Michigan website to check their eligibility status. If you have questions or would like assistance with the MI Medicaid online enrollment form please email University Health Service’s Managed Care Office at [email protected], or call 734-764-5182 or toll-free at 866-368-0002.

Property Insurance

Before your student arrives on campus, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company to determine if your student's property will be covered by the insurance while your student is away from your permanent home. Some homeowners' insurance policies have riders that allow for personal possessions away from the insured home to be covered and others do not. If your insurance does not cover your student's possessions while on campus, encourage your student to contact an insurance company about renter's insurance. Additional information about property insurance for students living in the residence halls can be found on the University Housing website. Information for students living in the off-campus neighborhoods can be found on the Renters Insurance Grad Guard webpage.