A study abroad or work abroad program can be one of the most rewarding experiences for an undergraduate student. The University of Michigan considers study abroad an integral part of the undergraduate experience. Study abroad allows students to gain personal experience of another culture, while at the same time providing a support structure for both academics and accommodations.

There is a wide array of study abroad and work abroad programs offered throughout the University. Students who begin their planning early should have no trouble working a study abroad program into their college experience without having to postpone graduation. Interested students should research the opportunities available and work closely with study abroad program staff to find a program that fits into the student's course of study.

Study abroad costs vary, but studying abroad may not necessarily be more expensive than taking University of Michigan classes in Ann Arbor. Students who receive financial aid to attend the University of Michigan will be able to use that aid for U-M sponsored study abroad programs. The Office of Financial Aid has information on financial assistance for study abroad programs.

Students considering a study abroad program should also consider current world events and their safety and health. The University of Michigan continually monitors conditions abroad and may issue travel warnings, cancel programs or evacuate students if necessary.