Ask your student to authorize you for account information in Wolverine Access. 

The Wolverine Access website is the gateway to the University’s administrative information systems, including those used for student information. Students use Wolverine Access to get to the Student Business system (or New & Prospective Student Business), where they conduct a variety of student transactions. This includes registering for classes, viewing billing statements, and updating their addresses.

Students can grant parents and family members access to their student account and financial aid information in the My Student’s Information system. A student authorizes a parent’s or family member’s email address to have access to selected financial aid and/or student account information. The parent/family member then uses the email address to create a Friend account for guest access to U-M computing resources. Get details about setting up a Friend account on the ITS website. For more information on how students can authorize parents and family to access the My Student’s Information system on Wolverine Access, visit the Parents and Family Authorization webpage.

Through this system, students may permit parents and family members to have access to student account and financial aid information, but not grades, course schedules, or any other academic information. If you wish to know information about your student's academic performance, it is best to speak directly with your student about that information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & Family Members:

Q. I chose Student Business on Wolverine Access and logged in, but a message indicated the system is unavailable. What should I do?

A. You need to click My Student's Information under Parents & Family on Wolverine Access.

Q. I am getting an “unable to login message” due to a Password or Account Name (ID) problem. Is there a problem with the login?

A. First, verify the Friend ID you entered on the login page is the same email address you provided when you created your U-M Friend account. Then, verify you entered the correct password. Your password is whatever you just set it to; you can change or reset it to a new password.



Q. I am getting a “system not available” message when I try to log into My Student's Information on Wolverine Access. What might be the problem?

A. There are several possible problems:

Contact your student to verify you are authorized to view your student's data. Students use the Parent/Family Authorization page in Student Business to enter the email addresses of the people they want to grant access.

Contact your student to verify the Friend account you are using matches the email address authorized by your student.

There are regular hours of operation for Wolverine Access. If you attempt to access your student's data outside of these hours, you will be unable to do so. For more information, click Hours of Operation on the main Wolverine Access page.

Q. I already use a UMICH ([email protected]) email account, and I would like to use that address to receive my student's account statement notifications. Do I need to set up a Friend account?


A. No, you do not need a Friend account if you can already log into U-M systems with a uniqname. Your uniqname and UMICH Kerberos password can be used to access My Student's Information, provided your student authorized your UMICH email address. You should contact your student to verify he/she authorized your UMICH email address. Please note that you cannot create a Friend account with a [email protected] email address.

Q. My student told me that he/she authorized me to receive informational emails from U-M, but I haven't received any emails. What is the problem?


A. Emails may not reach you for a number of reasons:

Some email accounts include a bulk mail folder or a junk mail folder. Your system may perceive the emails as unsolicited mail and direct it to these folders.

Some email does not reach its intended destination. This may be due to a failure on the Internet or a large volume of email traffic that exceed your email provider's bandwidth. The message may be viewed as unwanted e-mail (spam), and your email system filters it out.

Your email provider may limit the amount of space available for email storage. If you have exceeded the limit, emails will not be delivered.

Check with your email provider to see if any of the above reasons explain why you haven't received emails.

Q. My student signed me up to view his/her student account statement (eBill), account information, and financial aid, but I never received any information. What should I do?


A. There are several options that may resolve the problem:

You may need to set up a new U-M Friend account so that you can log in to My Student’s Information on Wolverine Access to see the data. Go to the following website and enter your full email address to begin the account creation process:

Contact your student to verify that he/she authorized the Friend account email address you are using to have access to My Student’s Information. To do this, your student needs to enter your email address on the Parent/Family Authorization page in Student Business.

Check to see that the email settings on your computer did not identify the incoming message as spam and automatically moved it into the trash bin or deleted items. If your settings need to be updated, add [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts list so that future messages will be received.

Q. I have two students currently attending U-M. Do I need to set up two separate Friend accounts to log in and view data for each student?


A. No, you only need to create one Friend account. The same login ID and password allows you to see data for each student, as long as they have both authorized your email address. After logging into My Student’s Information on Wolverine Access, you can select either student from the Select a Student drop-down list. When you select a name, the data for that student displays. Please Note: A Friend account is not necessary if you can already log into U-M systems with a uniqname and password combination. You only need one uniqname and Kerberos password to access My Student's Information for both students. But each student must have previously authorized you by entering your UMID email account on the Parent/Family Authorization page in Student Business.

Q. Student Account Statements (eBills) are generated monthly, but I didn't sign up in time for a Friend account or gain access until after the bill was generated. Can I still view the statement? When will I start receiving notifications that a new statement is available?


A. You can gain access to student account statements as soon as:

Your student has authorized your email address in Wolverine Access

You have already successfully created a Friend account or you have an existing UMICH login ID

After you complete these steps, you will be able to log in and view up to 12 months of previous statements. Notifications of new statements are sent via email on a monthly basis, when the new statements are generated. New statements are generally processed around the 8th calendar day of the month. If you are an authorized user at that time, you will receive that month's notification.